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Superior Adhesion:  Before our unique poly-blend liner is installed, we mechanically sand and prep the truck bed 

Superior Strength: 
Our liners have a tensile strength of 2200 PSI with 350% elongation, and have less shrinkage over the years than polyureas

Superior Protection:
Non-slip texture protects your cargo and the built-in UV-protection protects the liner from the sun

Superior Flexibility:
The tough polymer protects from scratches, dings, and gouges—and will not crack or bubble--even with subzero temperatures

Superior Durability:
A Bullhide liner is sprayed at a minimum of 125 mL (1/8"), making it thicker than other spray on or DIY liners.

Superior Quality: Unlike other liners, our box seams are sealed without the use of extra fillers which keeps contanimants (i.e. sand, small rocks, and debris), from working their way into the seams.

Superior Fit:
A Bullhide liner molds perfectly to the surface of your truck bed—ensuring no loss of space and a perfect fit every time

Superior Warranty: 
A Bullhide truck liner comes with a lifetime guarantee to not crack, bubble, or flake 

Superior Price and Service:
Call for an estimate—preparation,  UV protection, and a lifetime warranty—all rolled up into one price
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Colorado Bullhide LLC in Windsor for auto accessories  Ford, Chevrolet, trucks, toyota, GMC, used truck, tundra,

Ford, Chevrolet, trucks, toyota, GMC, used truck, tundra,

Spray-on Bed  Liners and Accessories